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Pipa: Chilling in a Brazilian surf paradise and hippie village

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Surf paradise and hippie village Pipa in north-east Brazil

In the northeast of Brazil we find Pipa. A small village characterized by the most beautiful beaches and a cozy hippie culture. As you might already expect, Pipa is the ultimate sun destination in Brazil and different types of travelers have already fallen in love with this hippie village that lies on an enchanting blue sea. For example, surfers like to come to Praia da Pipa to brave the waves. But nature lovers can also indulge themselves, because in addition to surfing, you can watch dolphins in Pipa and even swim with them in some places. Carnival lovers can also visit Olinda and Pipa, because this Brazilian party is celebrated here. Curious about Pipa? Read more about this special village in Brazil below.

What do you want to do in Pipa?

1. Buy Havaianas slippers in Pipa

In Pipa you will find enough shops and actually you cannot leave Brazil without buying a pair of Havaianas flip flops. So be sure to do this when you are in Praia da Pipa and look around to see if you can find any other nice souvenirs.

2. Spotting dolphins in Pipa

If you want to see dolphins, you should go to Praia do Golfinhos in Pipa. It takes some energy, but the reward is more than worth it in the end. At this beach you can see a lot of dolphins swimming from the beach!

Chill out on the lovely beaches in Pipa

The most famous beaches in Pipa are Praia da Pipa and of course Baia dos Golfinhos where you can watch dolphins. But Praia do Madeiro is also recommended, as is Praia do Amor.

4. Drink Caipirinhas as if it were water!

A coastal town is not complete without cozy bars and restaurants. If you are in Pipa you should definitely drink a Caipirinha cocktail at one of the tents.

Take a trip to Natal

From Pipa you can easily make a trip to Natal. This is also a popular coastal town where you can swim and enjoy a nice meal.

6. Want to experience Brazil in an active way?

Do you like to do active things during your vacation, but are you not really into surfing? Then you can also do a kayak tour at Tibau do Sul around Pipa or ride through the dunes with a squad.