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Shete Boka: View the Seven Mouths of the Sea on Curacao

In our opinion, the most beautiful piece of nature on Curacao is not a typical bounty beach, but rather the wild and rugged national park Shete Boka. We find this park on the north coast of Curacao, near Grote Knip and on the edge of the Christoffelpark.

Shete Boka

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The rugged park Shete Boka in North Curacao

We walk to the edge of the cliffs. Sea water splashes up. Wind blows drops in our faces. Nice and cool. We have been walking outside for about 10 minutes in the summer sun that always seems to shine over Curacao. After a ride in our car’s air conditioning, the rays somehow seem extra hot to the touch. We walk several stretches and the park feels gigantic, while we only discover a part of the national park that covers about ten kilometers of coast. At one point we see a number of other travelers crawling out of a cave while we hang on a platform above the sea. When the water is low, we decide to quickly crawl inside. We look out to sea from under the rocks. Suddenly the water recedes quickly and returns at a speed until it just doesn’t touch our toes. Time to crawl out again and leave this piece of nature for what it is. Get out before the sea eats us with one of its mouths. The sign “Entry on own Risk” was probably not there for nothing!

Shete Boka: Seven Mouths of the Sea

The name for this national park does not just come from anywhere. Translated from Papiamento into Dutch, ‘Shete’ means ‘seven’ and ‘Boka’ also stands for the word ‘mouth’ in Dutch. In other words, the ‘Seven Mouths of the Sea’ because the Shete Boka National Park consists of a number of particularly rugged bays. Although we consciously say ‘a number’ here, because there are actually more than seven bays in the park. The number seven was given to Shete Boka, because previously only excursions were given along seven bays, but now there are more than ten Bokas to admire. You can walk different trails through the national park that take you to the most beautiful places.

Practical: Entrance fee for Shete Boka

You have to pay a small contribution for Shete Boka. The entrance fee is approximately EUR 5 per person. Furthermore, the park is open from early in the morning at 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in the afternoon.

The most beautiful mouths of Shete Boka

There are a number of Bokas, or mouths, that you should not miss during a visit to Shete Boka. These are in our opinion:

  • Boka Tabla, a cave you can crawl into at your own risk
  • Boka Pistol, where sea water is fired high into the sky
  • Boka Wandomi, where the rocks seem to form a natural bridge
  • Boka Kalki, which can only be reached by a path through a mangrove

Shete Boka not only beautiful, but also breeding ground of turtles

You may not have known this about Shete Boka, but this national park is also a protected breeding ground for turtles. In fact, three species of turtles seem to breed in different places in the national park. When you look at the entrance of Shete Boka, you will also see a gigantic painting of a turtle at the entrance sign.