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Going out on Curacao: These are the coolest happy hours, parties & events

That it is one big party on Curaçao… is absolutely true! Besides enjoying the beautiful beaches, the bright blue water and beautiful colored houses you can really go out here and there are almost weekly fun events that you can visit. I would like to tell you about my favorite (recurring) events and the best happy hours so that you know exactly where to be on which day when you go on holiday here!

Nightlife Curacao: This is where you want to go

Happy Hour

These are the best Happy Hours on Curacao

On holiday you naturally think of happy hours and you don’t have to miss them here on Curaçao! The happy hours at Wet & Wild (located on Mambo Beach Boulevard) and Zanzibar (Jan Thiel Beach) are best known among tourists and Dutch people on the island. Both are located on the beach, so as soon as you have your drinks in you put your feet in the sand and enjoy the nice music with a cocktail in your hand. Ultimate happy moment right? Live bands often perform at Zanzibar and at Wet & Wild you can enjoy free BBQ snacks such as spare ribs and chicken satay. Would you like to spruce up an evening? Then you have to be at Cabana (Mambo Beach Boulevard) on Wednesday!

Happy hour agenda for Curacao

  • Friday: Chill
  • Friday: Wet & Wild
  • Saturday: Zanzibar
  • Sunday: Wet & Wild

In addition to the above happy hours, there are plenty of other fun happy hours taking place at restaurants, cafes and perhaps in your hotel, so keep an eye on that too. In any case, these are places that are my personal favorites.

Food events

going out curacao food events

The coolest Food Events on Curacao

Do you like good food and large portions? Then you will certainly enjoy yourself in Curaçao. Groceries are generally expensive on the island and for a small amount you can quickly get a well-stocked meal here at truk di pans (food trucks along the road) or other eateries. Food events are also regularly organized, I have listed the best ones for you below:

Curaçao Culinary

This annual event is truly a foodie favorite! A number of culinary restaurants participate in this and stand with their booth at the event to represent their restaurant and menu. This is definitely recommended for those who like to try different dishes, the dishes are small but delicious so you can try enough!

Trucks At Pan festival

The Truk di Pan festival was organized at the Waaigat parking lot (in Punda). Various food trucks meet here and there are many play options for children such as an inflatable castle and a mini fair. We had bought food at BBQ Expres, a well-known trick di pan where it is often very busy. You don’t get small portions here so one meal was more than enough and very tasty!

Restaurantweek Curaçao

You are probably familiar with the concept in the Netherlands: for a nice amount you can enjoy a three-course dinner at adjacent restaurants. We ate at BijBlauw for 55 guilders (converted just over 25 euros). Besides the fact that BijBlauw is a super nice location, the service and the food were also great!


going out curacao carnival

Would you like to attend a performance by famous artists on Curacao?

Dutch and international artists regularly come to Curaçao for a mini concert. Promotions of events in Curaçao are mainly done via Facebook and posters, so keep an eye on these when you are on the island. Who knows, your favorite artist will perform! In the year that we are here, Gers Pardoel, Matt Simons, Kenny B, Milow and Nielson have already performed.

Going out during one of the holidays in Curaçao

Below you will find an overview of the best holidays on Curacao:


Fuikdag has been one of my favorite events on the island so far. On the first Sunday of the new year, all boats come together in Fuikbaai. Everyone brings their own food, drinks and floaties to make it one big party.


Carnival is on Curaçao in February. Beautiful parades, colorful outfits and wonderful music are typical of this period, the highlight of which is the Gran Marsha (the great parade). View my blog about Carnival on Curaçao here, you will find more and more extensive information!

Royal day

King’s Day is celebrated here absolutely well and unlike the Netherlands, always with a nice sun. It starts early in Punda and Pietermaai. All shops in Punda are open and give high discounts, in Pietermaai the kids can enjoy themselves with old Dutch games. From Punda to Pietermaai there is a free market and in between you will find many eateries and stages.


In Pietermaai there is a bit of a Kingsday feeling on New Year’s Eve: stands with food and stages with live bands. All fun! And the great thing is, we just celebrate New Years Eve twice here on Curaçao. At 12 o’clock in the Netherlands, a fireworks show is given in Pietermaai (and yes, there is also a countdown!). And at 00:00 local time, many people gather around the Pontjesbrug with their own coolers to watch the fireworks show. On New Year’s Eve, the New Year’s dive at Zanzibar should not be missed, including Unox hats!


going out curacao parties

Do you want more nightlife tips? Keep an eye on Facebook & Posters for more parties & events

In addition to all the events and happy hours that I have mentioned in this blog, there are other events that return regularly such as Cabana Beach Festival, Full Moon Party (Kokomo Beach) or Cafe del Mar. Enough to mention! If you want to stay informed, it is therefore smart to keep an eye on Facebook and posters along the way or ask at the reception of your hotel. Ayo!