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Celebrate the Caribbean Carnival on Curacao with the “Gran Marcha” as the highlight

Carnival on Curacao

Since my boyfriend and I moved to Curaçao, there are two events that we have both been looking forward to: Fuikdag and Carnival on Curacao. Although Fuikdag is one day with a lot of boats gathering at Fuikbaai to party, Carnival on Curacao is a long party consisting of various parades, colorful (daring) outfits and above all swinging music!

Parades during Carnival on Curacao

There are many and different types of carnival parades that all take place in February. It starts with a Horse Parade, continues with a Children’s Parade, Teenage Parade, Gran Marcha and the Great Farewell Parade. So a lot of parades. We were especially looking forward to the “Gran Marcha”. In other words: the largest parade of the entire carnival party!

Carnival on Curacao

Our highlight during the Caribbean Carnival: Gran Marcha

The Grand Parade always takes place on a Sunday in Otrobanda. Along the way you will find several stands (most are made of wood) that are built by locals or companies / brands themselves and are colorfully decorated. The build-up begins days before the first parade and continues along the road during the parades. In between the stands (and where there is still some space left) people often set up a party tent on the day of the parade. Coverage is certainly necessary! The parade takes place on the road, which makes it extra warm along the side and the carnival party lasts all afternoon so you can imagine that the sun is at its hottest.

Buy a ticket so that you can see the Gran Marcha well from a stand

We had bought a ticket to stand at the booth of BOB Autowas, here we could eat and drink unlimited all afternoon, which was super well taken care of. And perhaps most importantly: We were covered, could enjoy the procession from the height so we could also catch some wind.

A big Carnival party during the Gran Marcha

The parade would pass our booth between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM, but this all took a bit longer. Not surprisingly, here on Curaçao not everything goes strictly according to the planning ;-). The parade consists of about 30 floats, each with its own theme and outfits. The whole parade is a feast for the eyes: colorful outfits, smiling people (both on the side and in the parade), well-stocked coolers and above all: everyone is dancing! Fat, thin, young, old, big, small. It doesn’t matter, everyone swings along! For a fee you can also join one of the floats and a beautiful costume will be made for you. Nice keepsake right? Perhaps an option for us next year!

Great March

Great March Carnival Curacao

Parade Carnival Curacao Great March

Celebrate Carnival on Curacao

Carnival Curacao parade party

Are you also coming to enjoy a holiday during Carnival on Curacao?

Also great about Curaçao; an official day off after this parade has been introduced so that everyone can relax on Monday. In the week after carnival, the children have a Carnival holiday, a bit comparable to the spring holiday in the Netherlands. Not only can you enjoy your holiday here, those who live here do the same. I really enjoyed my first Caribbean Carnival experience and it is well worth seeing the parade (s) if you are on the island at the end of February. For a guaranteed covered spot along the parade, I recommend buying a ticket at one of the stands. The reception at your hotel or resort can help you with that. Ayo!