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To Canada in the winter? 7 things you want to do during your vacation anyway

If you want to go on vacation to Canada, chances are you prefer to skip the winter months because of the harsh temperatures and so focus on spring, summer or fall. Yet you can experience Canada in the ultimate way if you do go on holiday in the winter. You can enjoy winter sports like the best, glacial lakes such as Lake Louise or Maligne Lake are enchantingly beautiful and in Edmonton you can marvel between gigantic ice castles or fully enjoy the city during one of the festivals that are organized in winter. Oh and also nice: a holiday to Canada in the winter can also be quite affordable. Curious about what a holiday in Canada is like in winter? Below you will find 7 things you want to do during your winter trip:

1. Go (with your own skis or board) winter sports during your winter trip in Canada

Are there affordable trips to Canada where you can possibly bring your own winter sports gear, a ski pass is included and a direct KLM flight ?! Um, yes! Those trips exist! On sites like Snowcertain Deals.nl you will find this kind of attractively priced package holidays from Dutch tour operators. One that seems very cool to us is this winter wonderland trip to Alberta with NBBS Reizen, but if you scroll through everything you will notice that actually all trips to Edmonton and Jasper are quite cool.

Whichever trip you choose, a direct KLM flight is always included with all winter trips. A ski pass is also included with such a package holiday, so you no longer have to worry about that and if you have your own ski or snowboard equipment, you can take it with you as hold luggage for free. Something that almost never occurs, but is possible through these package tours. How cool is that and it doesn’t even have to cost a lot!

One of the most beautiful places to ski? Marmot Basin! This is located in the Rocky Mountains and here you will find slopes for every level, there are no fewer than 91 to be found and they generally always consist of that fine powder snow. In addition, you are surrounded by giants of mountains here and Marmot Basin is located in the middle of Jasper National Park, so you can also quickly (20 minutes by ski bus or just grab your own rental car) in Jasper itself and easily visit other highlights . A rental car is already included in the package tour of NBBS Reizen, so it is up to you what you prefer in terms of travel, the bus or your own car. Check out our tips for Jasper and what you should definitely do here

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Look at ice castles in Edmonton

Did you know that Edmonton is a real festival city and that they don’t stop there in the winter? A few well-known winter festivals in Edmonton are: Ice on Whyte, Deep Freeze and the Silver Skate Festival. In recent years, Ice Castles have also been organized, where gigantic ice castles were built in Edmonton. In fact, more than 70,000 kilos of ice was used to make everything as beautiful as possible. You could slide down ice slides, but there are also ice sculpture competitions and simply walking through those beautiful buildings is also a party. It remains to be seen whether Ice Castles will be held again in 2019, but the photos above already show you how cool this festival can be! Want to know more about Edmonton? Check exploreedmonton.com

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Hit the road and brave snow-covered ice roads

Road tripping in Canada is a bucket list thing anyway, discover the ideal road trip route through Western Canada here, but if it has snowed, it might be even more special to drive around. The impressive mountains have white tops, the pine trees have a thin layer of snow and the roads are stunningly beautiful to see. The Icefields Parkway, one of the most beautiful roads in Canada, is even more beautiful in winter than in summer, according to some. As if you were zooming through a black and white photo and if you have your own car, you can stop whenever you want.

Count sheep and look for elk

Counting sheep on vacation? Sounds boring? Not if you do it in Canada! If you are looking for sheep or other wildlife, there is a good chance that you will meet the guys above. Curious eyes, impressive antlers and often they walk around in a group in the middle of an impressive snow landscape. There is also a chance of seeing moose, so always keep your eyes open when you go out in nature and you want to be sure that you see animals, then you will have to go on a husky trip. Going for a ride with a group of barking, enthusiastic huskies is something you will never forget.

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5. Warm up in a hip restaurant

We had already proven that you will find enough nice places in Canada with this article: 7 x the nicest restaurants in Edmonton. And in winter these restaurants are the perfect place to warm up. Order a hot chocolate or enjoy divine dishes in a restaurant like MEAT or indulge in the best cake at Duches Bake Shop. Curious about where you can eat nice in Jasper? Then check the website of jasper.travel

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Admire snowy glacial lakes

The glacial lakes in Canada are normally already beautiful, in spring and summer they are often a beautiful blue in color, but in winter it is also a spectacle to view them. Lakes like Abraham Lake look completely different. At some lakes, such as Maligne, you can also go out with a fat bike and view part of the area from your bike. Very cool to do and a nice active activity.

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7. Snowshoeing in Canada

In the winter it is difficult to just go for a walk, because there is a good chance that you will sink into the snow with every step. With snowshoes you prevent that and you can make beautiful trips. Often you don’t even have to walk far before you are completely surrounded by snow, snow and even more snow. The ultimate in the middle of nowhere feeling. An amazing experience and if you do it in the evening you also have a chance to spot the northern lights!

When is winter in Canada and is it best to plan your vacation?

From November to February there is a good chance that the temperatures will drop below zero around Edmonton and Jasper, so you will also experience the ultimate winter in Canada, with January often being the coldest month. When it comes to skiing, Marmot Basin is a very snow-sure ski area, there is an average of 500 cm of snow per year!

Would you like to book a winter trip or winter sports holiday to Canada in the winter?

You can easily book a complete holiday to Canada in winter via Snowcertain Deals.nl. This already includes a KLM flight from Amsterdam to Edmonton. The flight takes about 8.5 hours, is direct and in terms of luggage you can check in your own skis and snowboard in addition to your normal luggage (checked suitcase and one piece of hand luggage). Are you looking for a nice place to spend the night? In Jasper we recommend the Jasper Downtown Hostel and in Edmonton we slept in the Metterra hotel.