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The most beautiful islands of the Bahamas: The Exumas

When you talk about the Bahamas, you quickly think of a sea as blue as pool water and sun-drenched beaches. But did you know that the Bahamas consists of a large number of beautiful islands? If we are to believe Wikipedia, there are even more than 700 islands and there are also 2000 sand and coral plates.

If you ask which places you know in the Bahamas, many people will mention the well-known Nassau (the capital of the Bahamas) or that one beach where you can swim with pigs, but have you heard of islands such as The Abacos, Bimini , Andros or The Berry Islands? Probably not… While these all belong to the insanely beautiful The Exumas, which is about 56 kilometers from Nassau. In this article we would like to take you to this unknown name that belongs to the Bahamas: The Exumas! We visited this archipelago during our holiday near Breezes.

The Exumas

Archipelago The Exumas and its 365 paradise islands

The Exumas is a district that is part of the Bahamas and is an archipelago consisting of about 365 islands. About 7,500 people live there, you can spot plenty of wildlife and sealife (sharks or stingrays for example!) And a large part of this archipelago is part of the protected Exuma National Land and Sea Park. We spent a day in this magical part of the Bahamas and in our opinion it is one of the most beautiful parts of this country in the Caribbean Sea. The largest island of The Exumas archipelago is Great Exuma and there you will also find the largest city of this district called George Town. The largest island is not that big, because Great Exuma is only 72 square kilometers. Just to give you an idea: Texel has a land area of ​​approximately 170 square kilometers, so it is much smaller than our own Wadden Sea island.

Discover the footstep-free beaches and underwater world at The Exumas

The largest island in The Exumas, Great Exuma, is not the main reason to travel to The Exumas. You have to go on a journey of discovery to the uninhabited islands and their footstep-free beaches. In The Exumas you will find a lot of islands where nature dominates instead of people. So if you are looking for the ultimate Robinson Crusoe feeling, you can certainly find it here. Curious about what you shouldn’t miss on The Exumas? We have listed the highlights below:

Swim with sharks and stingrays

Around The Exumas you will find a lively underwater world. You can spot all kinds of sharks, but also stingrays, starfish or turtles. We also encountered countless conch shells in the sea on a small island!

Float next to the Swimming Pigs

One of the highlights of the Bahamas are the Swimming Pigs that live on Major’s Spot Cay in The Exumas. These swimming pigs are no longer so wild and very used to people, but how they ever got there… Is a mystery!

Chilling on the beach next to dozens of Iguanas

On some islands that belong to The Exumas you will find dozens of Iguanas. They chill quietly on the beach or ask if you have a grape for them.

Diving, snorkeling, kayaking or SUP

The Exumas are a perfect place for water sports. You can dive, snorkel very well, but you can also kayak and SUP in various places.

The Exumas bahamas

Iguana The Exumas bahamas

But… How do you get to the remote Exumas?

If you look at a map of the Bahamas and zoom in on The Exumas, you will soon wonder how you will ever get there. But what looks like a gigantic inland world trip soon turns out to be not so bad when you discover that it is easy to book excursions from Nassau and that planes fly to and from The Exumas several times a week. We went to The Exumas from Nassau with Powerboat Adventures, but you can also go by ferry or plane (from Fort Lauderdale or Florida, for example, direct flights also go to The Exumas, this can be with airlines such as Air Flight Charters Inc, Eastern Air Express or Flamingo Air). You can also book a ferry crossing at Bahamasferries.com. We slept at Breezes in the Bahamas ourselves and booked an excursion to The Exumas from there.

Also watch our video about The Exumas: