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Breakfast in New York: 5 favorites in a row!

Breakfast New York Jack's wife Freda

A good breakfast, where is it not possible nowadays? There are plenty of coffee bars, diners and hip eateries in New York, but finding something fun can be a daunting task in such a big city. Since I get up in the morning hungry (and therefore want to have breakfast asap) I have already done research in advance and focused on ‘brekkies’ in Chelsea, the neighborhood where we stayed, but fortunately the first three restaurants also have locations in other areas. places in the city. Curious where you can have divine breakfast? See my tips below!

The Grey Dog

breakfast new york The Gray Dog

The Gray Dog have breakfast in new york

1. The Grey Dog

The first morning we went to this relaxed restaurant. The service is nice and down to earth, the interior is quite entry-proof (think of maps of maps on tables and a trendy juice bar) and the food is delicious! I chose the Village Pancakes with syrup and berry butter. Quite powerful, but ideal if you plan to make a lot of kilometers through the city afterwards. The Gray Dog is also recommended if you want to take it a bit easier; this self-proclaimed all day neighborhood cafe is also ideal for a coffee and reading a good book.

Jack’s wife Freda

Breakfast New York Jack's wife Freda

breakfast in new york Jack's wife Freda

2. Jack’s wife Freda

On the way to The Gray Dog, we passed Jack’s wife Freda, and decided to come back later that week to test the restaurant. Where it looks somewhat traditional from the outside, it is actually more clinically designed on the inside. The menu (which incidentally has nice graphics!) Cannot be summarized in one word either. Here you will find dishes of American, South African and Israeli origin. This is no coincidence, but stems from the migrant background of the owners. Dean, grandson of – yes – Jack and Freda, was raised in Johannusburg and met the Israeli-born Maya in New York. Together they are the founders of this concept in which they have put together a menu inspired by dishes from their childhood.


Donut plant breakfast new york

Have breakfast New York Donut plant

3. Doughnutplant

No time for an extensive breakfast in the city that never sleeps? Do it the American way and get a donut to go! This is possible at the funny and colorful place called Donutplant whose passion is to let their customers taste the best donut in the world. Because everything (donuts, jams and ingredients) is handcrafted, it sometimes happens that the menu differs, but in general think of flavors such as banana and chocolate to red velvet and carrot cake. Jum!


4. Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market; originally an Oreo factory and nowadays a food hall and shopping center in one. Perhaps the most frustrating place in New York for foodies, because… there is so much! Think of a bakery, cupcake store, donuttery (again), coffee bar and so on. It is simply impossible to experience everything, so this means that you have to think about what you want. You don’t necessarily have to go here for breakfast, you can also go here for lunch and dinner. They also have a nut bar, lobster store, soup shop, chocolate shop… and well, I can go on and on!


breakfast new york Coppelia

Eat breakfast at a diner

Finally, of course, you can’t leave America without having eaten at a dinner (or so we thought). We went for a Latin variant, namely Coppelia. As you would expect from a diner, you could see the neon lighting from afar, it was open 24/7 and the dishes were great, but unfortunately the staff did not ride on roller skates. The food was just good, the interior without fuss, but unfortunately our waiter a little less friendly. Maybe we were unlucky on our last day, but secretly I would try a different dinner next time. Maybe someone has a good tip? Let us know your favorite spots for breakfast in New York below!