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3 golden tips to find a nice, affordable hotel in New York

Hotel ROW NY

Because a trip to New York will most likely become reality in 2016, I am making an inventory of how you can sleep in a cool hotel in a convenient location with a limited budget (read not very cheap, but certainly not very expensive either). I have now found 3 things that seem to help me with this and it is high time to share them with you:

Tip 1: Sign up with Secret Escapes and sleep for 35 euros per night

This website offers rooms in the finest hotels at very competitive prices. Where you normally pay more than 200 euros for a room, you can sometimes book rooms through Secret Escapes with a discount of more than 70%. In other words, that room of 200 euros costs only 60 euros on Secret Escapes. In a city like New York, that’s pretty cheap as far as I’ve seen!

You can immediately view the offers of Secret Escapes by entering your e-mail address. They differ almost every week so it’s nice to keep an eye on the site. One of the hotels that will be available soon is the Row NYC hotel near Times Square. How cool if you can sleep in such a cool hotel during your week in New York in the heart of Manhattan:

ROW hotel op Times Square

How do you sleep for less than 35 euros per night?

It is also nice that you save for so-called holiday money at Secret Escapes. If you ensure that friends register with Secret Escapes and book a hotel, you will receive 25, – credit on Secret Escapes. So register yourself here for a discount, but also make sure that others register. Then your hotel room of 200 euros will no longer cost 60 euros, but 35 euros per night.

Tip 2: Try it on Airbnb

Not only hotels are sometimes well priced, apartments are often too. I think you will still find the cheapest ones on Airbnb and if you sign up through a friend you will also get a discount on your first trip. In addition, Airbnb also allows you to save for more discounts by signing up with friends, but at Airbnb it is sometimes the case that not every host accepts Airbnb credit.

Airbnb in NY

Possible downside of booking something through Airbnb in New York

We have also heard from friends that some homeowners in New York do not accept everyone in their apartment and only renters who have many reviews or a clear profile. Something to take into account if you think you have booked something. So it may just be that the owner does not accept you. Your search starts again …

Tip 3: Search endless hotel comparison sites

A bit obvious, but sometimes extremely effective although it also takes a lot of hours. Just search as many hotel comparison sites as possible to find the best offer. Especially for New York there are so many websites through where you can find cheap hotel rooms. One mainly offers last minutes, while the other has a standard offer. But the fact is that you never really have to and do not have to pay the full price.

New York

Good hotel collection sites for hotel rooms in New York

Almost all of us know a hotel comparison site, but the ones I use the most are:

  • Booking.com
  • Expedia
  • Hotels.com